have you ever wondered since the beginning of high school educations, the educational curriculum of the school are mostly based on the study of the history of how the European penetration into Africa, about the missionary activities of the white men, of the colonization of our land, the slave trade and of the exploitation of the European colonial masters of the black people, taking my dear country for instance, since the beginning of our junior secondary school education to our tertiary institution. We’ve all been taught about the European colonization of our country, of how they exploited us and all that, but from my perspective this is just we living in denial, taking Nigeria as an example, all our school days we are been told that the white are the cause of how we are now, that the white are the ones to be blamed. Even there is a book written on how Europe underdeveloped Africa, yes, it’s true that the white are the reasons for us not to have developed but are they still the one that are responsible for our undevelopment.
Over 59 years of independence from the Europeans and still there is no improvement in our development.
If indeed the Europeans are the reasons for our underdevelopment isn’t 59 years enough for us to pick up and become one of the leading world powers even greater than our so called colonial masters.
Because a country like Nigeria that is blessed with numerous natural resources and fertile lands, yet here we are among the poor countries, no employment in the country, making our unemployed youth to think of scamming innocent citizens abroad of their money, our women with lack of empowerment are selling their bodies for money but home and abroad.

Now my question that has been the theme of the article is for what role did the Europeans play in the present condition of Nigeria, for over 59 years there has not been any direct control of the foregin powers in our country.
Are the Europeans telling us to embezzle public funds
Are they telling us to rig elections
Are they telling us to have corrupt leaders.

Since the Europeans are not involved in any of this things, then why do we still blame them, why do we still study how they underdeveloped us instead of looking for a way forward. My view Is that we africans are living in denial, we are just passing blame to the Europeans meanwhile, the major fault comes from us. This article is not written to defend the Europeans, yes they played a part in our present underdevelopment. A very good example can be the slave trade, the Europeans selling our able-bodied men to their country to develop their country, meanwhile, leaving ours underdeveloped.
As an advice to my fellow Nigerians, I want to be a good citizen and patriotic fellow to my father land but we can’t go anywhere if we keep on passing blames on others, rather we should look for a way forward.
Let’s stop studing about the underdevelopment and look for a way forward.

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