Gary vaynerchux

once said that skill is cheap but passsion is priceless, according to him the acquisition of skills is though it may be useful but it’s not important, but passion the thing that fuel you to do something, in the words of napoleon hills, he calls it the burning desire, that he is priceless, before I analyze further it would be worthy to know what some of these concepts are, talent, skill, passion.
Talent can be defined as anything that you enjoy doing, even if you’re not good at it, for example, one may enjoy drawing but he may not be good at it, but it’s inherent in him, it is something he does without feeling tired of it. That is his talent. Now coming to the word skill, skill is something that you learn, something you trained for , for you to acquire a skill you need to spend thousands of hours, practicing until you are good at it, for you to have a skill you must have practiced for it, for example there are different kinds of skills like public speaking, seaming, mason now let’s use public speaking as a case study, for you to be perfect at public speaking you need to practice daily always show up for events, give vote of thanks at any occasion, be a moderator at any seminar an so n and so forth. One may not necessary enjoy a skill but it’s just something you have to do, for example a shy network marketer who just got recruited recently, he knows he must have the skill of public speaking, but he doesn’t like talking in public but he just does it because that’s a criteria for a successful network marketer.

Now coming to passion, passion is like a combination of the both skill and talent, it is something you enjoy doing and as a result of that you are good at it because you spent thousands of hours doing it. Passion is like a driving force that pushes one to do something, one may have passion for writing and he is good at it.
Now coming to the main theme of this article, passion is a priceless commodity that one has to have, that’s why I very much criticize our educational system because they don’t provide an avenue for us to find our passion, they only give us a proposed course of action and make us follow it, I would encourage my dear readers to find their passion, yes I know finding of our passion can take time and it involves a certain process, and I can give you some guidelines for example start of by finding your talent, that thing that you enjoy doing, once you have discovered it I would recommend you transform that your talent now to a skill, you will have to work thousands of hours on it, you will have to grind on it, you’ll have to sweat on it. After you have done that it is then you can transform it to a priceless passion,

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