The divine role and responsibilities of the husband and father in a Godly home: on the 29th of July, 1981, one of the most publicized and glamourous wedding ceremonies in modern history took place.

Th British royal, prince Charles, married lady Diana in a spectacular ceremony that was watched by an estimated audience of 750 million worldwide. for many people, that marriage was one that could be described as ‘’marriage-made-in heaven,”

But sadly enough, not very long after that historic wedding, the couple grew more and more apart. The media reported that an affair ensued, and eventually the “marriage-made-in heaven’ collapsed in a divorce. Here is the point I want all of us to note carefully: it takes more than money or wealth, prestigious position and beauty to have a happy marriage and Godly home.

For our marriages and home to survive and be fulfilling, devoid of regrets, it requires certain kind of efforts on the husband, wife and even the children who may be products of the home to survive.  In Ephesians chapter 5 God requires and charge the husband (not the wife) to serve as the head of the home-vv23-24.

The word “head” in this text denotes leader (or a representative leader). For example, when the president of this country sends out team to negotiate with the world bank or IMF, the leader of the team who represents the main head. That is, the president. In God’s plan, the husband and wife represents a team that he, God has ordained to perform an assignment in the home, put in another way, a God-fearing husband is the one who leads his home by accepting the divine obligation for the material and spiritual well-being of the wife, children and entire household.

In Genesis 2, when Adam and eve sinned by eating the forbidden fruit, God held Adam (the husband) responsible- why? Because as the husband Adam was put in charge of that home (Gen 2:15). A responsible husband will demonstrate that he is the head of the home, by demonstrating his leadership as a leader. A responsible leader will demonstrate that he is the head of the home by being a provider- who strives very hard to provide for the basic needs of his wife and family such as food, shelter, clothing, health-care, education, moral soundness and spiritual growth etc. again a responsible husband demonstrates his leadership by being a protector- one who shields his wife and children from hostile individuals (in laws, neighbors, etc.) and harmful circumstances. If you are a husband this is a good opportunity for you to ask yourself “what kind of head am I in my own home? –  tyrant king – a laisse faire leader? Or a selfless provider and protector?

Another crucial point related to the idea that the husband is the head of the home is that God requires and charges the husband to serve as the priest of his home (eph 5:26-27, 6:4). In a Godly home, the husband will establish A system where he leads his wife, children and others in his home to cultivate the habits of constant prayer and bible study to be continued…

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