Chloe refused on sleeping in her room but wanted to spend the night in her ten year old sister’s room because little Chloe thought there was a big scary monster under her bed.

Little kids sometimes cross checks their beds before sleeping for the fear of the big scary monster, despite being an untruthful fact or just a “myth”, they still believe in it, just like the magic of Santa Claus and his reindeers. Switching to reality, and things that are actually exist, the fear of a lot of things keeps us from achieving a lot of things.

Fear is like a tiny baby roach that crawled into your room , one may ignore it , “after all ,it’s just one roach” but then the ignored roach becomes a fountain of cockroaches and it then requires the aid of an exterminator , and probably some money , it’s just like fear , we get tiny bits of fear at first but we ignore it and feel it’s nothing , “ it will soon be over” we tell our selves , but leaving that atom of fear is enough to destroy our self esteem and make us feel insecure . Fear is just like that monster under our bed, it’s not real but once we get the little feeling of it being real, it becomes real, making us wake up in the middle of the night to nightmares, it makes us look for someone to lean on so we don’t feel the presence of the “monster”, Chloe would have being just fine if she didn’t imagine the monster under her bed.

Most of us would be just fine if we didn’t have the fear of something, phobia destroys a person’s self esteem, that anxiety disorder that’s characterized by extreme and irrational fear of simple things or social situations, even the fear of being afraid is dangerous [phobophobia], if we think being afraid of having something we fear is going to fix it, we are just making thing more hard for ourselves. Exposure therapy may seem like a good way to deal with fear or phobia but the best thing is warming up to the fact that fear is nothing but that annoying little roach that wants to disturb the peace and quiet of your room , sometimes some people get phobic disorder because of incidents that happened in their lives .

Twenty year old Kamaia was claustrophobic and always got nervous around tiny spaces, she had to go to therapy and took drugs, going through multiple emotional disorder all because an elevator accidents two years ago, poor Kamaia was taking the elevator to the fifth floor of her office building when it stopped, a fire had broken out and she was stuck, it took two hours before firemen came to her rescue, a fireman had died in the process of saving Kamaia. It took Kamaia, days to get conscious and after that she couldn’t accept the fact that a person had died in the process of saving her and more ever she became scared of elevator and even her closet, she underwent multiple sections and even hypnosis just to get rid of her phobia.

Kamaia didn’t decide to become claustrophobic, she was a victim of circumstances and ill fate, just like a little child scared of riding her bike because of a scar she got while trying to ride it for the first time, despite the fact that we don’t choose to be scared of something but we shouldn’t let it weigh us down and give us several break downs and sleepless night.

Being scared of something is like thinking about that monster under our bed , it isn’t real but we make it seem real , sometimes we just have to face it and realize that there is no such thing as a monster under our bed, we should be able to deal with fear and not let it make us uncomfortable just like Chloe making her sister uncomfortable by sleeping in her room because she’s scared of an imaginary monster or the roach that wasn’t taken care of properly and resulted to the call of an exterminator .

The monster under our bed is fear, and that monster shouldn’t make us uncomfortable or nervous or scared, we should get down our knees and look under that bed making sure that there’s no such thing as a monster under our bed, as such there shouldn’t be fear in our hearts, because it causes greater damage than we expect, we should face that fact and know that, that monster under our bed should leave our head, not us leaving our room for the monster.

Get rid of that fear, that under lying phobia in our head and face that “monster”.

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