Why is it that in all the history of mankind or should I say the history of when mankind began the system of government, there have not always been happy with the way the system of government are, politics have always been known as a dirty game where the politicians treat the masses as pawns in a chessboard where they are manipulated, and deceived to vote them into power and after that , they dump as quickly as a dirty rag, thrown after it has served its purpose and picked back only when there is need for it.

Since the history of politics, there has never been a time that the masses are happy with the government in power.
For the sake of this article I will write it from my own perspective and in that case I will write using my own country as a case study, Nigeria has one time been known as the giant of Africa, endowed with many natural resources and has been known to be the center of tourism for many expatriates, in fact there was a time that Nigeria was everyone’s dream country, where people from other countries would want to come to Nigeria.
But that is not the case now, Nigeria is now known for corruption, thuggery, bribery, high prostitution, even online scamming, in fact Nigeria is now known as the country with the highest number of scammers, why is that Nigeria that is blessed with numerous natural resources. Yet here we are living in want, Bill Clinton on his visit to Nigeria, made the remark “Nigeria is too rich to be poor, and yet there are too poor to be rich” now I want to ask why is it so? In a simple word it is the leaders or bad leadership to be precise.

On 1st October 1960 we got our independence from the British colonial masters, now Nigeria was now free to rule ourselves without any external influence, that was a very defining moment in the history of our dear country but was that a very good thing for us.

The independence we were given proved that Nigerians are incapable of ruing themselves, just like a child who has not fully matured, is going out to go and marry. That was the same case scenario in our country, the country experienced different set of military coup d’état and experienced a civil war, but after that was over when we thought we have finally gotten the peace we needed the blessed democracy we so much craved for, came the corrupt politicians, the corrupt politicians are the reasons for Nigeria to be as it is, sometime ago in 2015 Nigerians came together to vote someone who we thought was our nelson Mandela, as a result of that the country came together to vote for him, but as usual he proved to be like the other politicians, corrupt, biased, and self-centered. Please dear readers am not writing this article to insult any one, or to poison your mind, but am writing to advice us to please make the right choice this coming election, do proper research before voting anyone.

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