Ever noticed the determination in the eyes of a little child trying to ride a bike for the first time or a child trying to do the jump rope. It gets cuter just looking at the little scene but things might take a twist when that child gets frustrated and angry, probably fed up.

“Why can’t I get this, why can’t I do this right?” the child will murmur to him or herself teary eyed, and if things want to get really bad, that child will quit.

Quitting doesn’t define a human, if a human quits at a point when he or she gets tired and frustrated, they just becomes weaker and also becomes a coward. A musician once sang “ knock me down nine times but I get up 10” , a musician , that rose from grass to grace , from rag to riches just because the word “I quit” didn’t find it’s way to her lips , she never gave up and it eventually paid and within a year she made it to the bill boards.

By quitting, you’re discharging obligations and abandoning responsibilities, giving up and walking away without a second glance, surely perseverance can be tricky , hanging on can be tough and hard , but it’ll be worth it when we ignore the urge to give up . A quitter doesn’t deserve to hold his or her head high and walk on the streets because it’s simply a cowardice act, instead one who holds on and doesn’t give up, endures through the pain and sorrows because they know that at the end of the tunnel is a bright light that will illuminate their lives, at that point they will realize the joys in holding on.

We have few examples of well known people that didn’t quit and give up, people that endured and walked through that dark tunnel, patiently waiting for that ray of light, of course they stumbled and fell on the way, hit their feet on stumps and even felt sore from all the walking but that didn’t make them remain on the floor and cry out “that’s it…..I quit”, instead they got up, dusted their dress and continued. Going through that tunnel doesn’t mean it’s going to be a sweet ride all through, of course there would be bumps and a lot of distracting things and you may fall down on your face 99 times but why not endure and click a 100, you might just get lucky but if you don’t, try clicking 101.

Abraham Lincoln didn’t quit when he had the chance, if he had quit, he wouldn’t have made it to our history books, Nelson Mandela, even after going to jail, didn’t quit, he persevered and met face to face with that bright light at the end of the tunnel, aside our great fathers, even our celebrities must have gone through a really tough time.

June Armstrong couldn’t place her finger on hockey, she kept on failing and looked like a huge loser in the mist of her mates that was really good at hockey, poor June was sad about her poor hockey skills , she sat in her bedroom and wept , but then a light bulb ignited over her head and she stood up and wiped her tears , she decided she won’t fail and end up crying in her bedroom , she realize that quitting wouldn’t get her to the finals , quitting wouldn’t pay off , instead people would laugh at her , she decided she wasn’t  ready to quit in fact she started training , she stayed up late practicing in her backyard and woke up early for a jog , she wasn’t progressing that much but at the end of it all she finally did it and she learnt hockey , June made it and scored for her school, June didn’t quit .

Quitting seems like a very easy option, ‘kick back and relax’ but ‘standing up and doing it’ is the best, You may fail and fall nine times but you can always GET UP 10.



Eunice O

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