College is an exciting time of your life, the first few days might be a little daunting, your parents have already dropped you off and your high school friends are nowhere to be found, by the end of the year, you’ll already have a solid group to go and party with, but finding them within the first few weeks, is often a gruesome thing to do.

So without any further delay, let’s go into it,
The first tip is to join a facebook group before you even go to college,
You can make friends before you get to college, join a Facebook group of your classmates, before you arrive there, and that’s a great way to ask about dorm selections, class selection and class orientations and other things. You can type up a post about any questions that you might have on the group, that way you’re introducing yourself, you can ask great questions like who shares your dorm, who are your seniors, and if they share your schedule and your interest, then they are most likely to be people you can reach out to, and moreso you can share your names even before moving into your dorm. Facebook might be a little outdated but it worked really well when I was in college, you can also share local instagram post, relevant hash tags and even snapchat stories.

The second tip is to just keep your door open.

it might sound a little strange tip but if your living in a dorm, the best thing to do is just keep your dorm open. if you start getting nervous about making friends, just know that everyone is in the same boat as you, and are also probably looking to make new friends, so if you leave your door open, you invite people to step in and have a little chat with you. This was the tip I used on a guy, and we ended up been best friends for life, although most freshmen make this mistake of spending all their early days in college, locked In and focusing on getting good grades. And then they’ll start wishing they had met more people and made more friends.

Tip number three is to just say hello, so if someone just live their door open, the student’s inside are probably trying to make new friends as well, you can just knock on the door, walk in and just have a conversation with them. If you feel comfortable with saying hello, you can bring in a snack that the both of you can share. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple icebreaker, to get the conversation start flowing into actually meeting someone.
The fourth tip is to invite people to events.

The first week of college is usually filled with fun and exciting events, games and contest which can bring students together and get them acquainted to the area, some of this activities may seem a little dorky at first, I remember when I started college those activities were silly to me. But the more you actually go to these silly events, the more you get to know people, and these can help to build relationships with people, and encourage other people to get involved as well.

If no one is talking about an event around you and you don’t know any, you can ask your RA or the student’s center, when you have the details about when one is coming up, you can actually rally people, and actually invite a bunch of other people to come to the event with you, if you’re nervous about wandering into someone’s room just to say hello, the upcoming events around you are a great icebreaker.

The fifth tip is just so simple you can practice it anywhere, anytime and it’s practically easy to get, and it just to smile.
The idea of meeting new people can be scary; one may often find himself asking; what if they don’t like you? What if they think you’re a lame? What if they don’t want to hangout with you?
Do not let this thoughts take over your mind when you’re trying to meet new friends. Because nervous energy is contagious, luckily, so is the same for positive energy.

When you approach new interactions with a smile, it will also be returned and you can experience the overall positive experience, it sounds a little silly but you can actually prepare yourself to meeting new people by just smiling at yourself in a mirror before you walk out of the room. It might feel a little weird at first, you might feel yourself forcing the smile, but after a few trials the smile will become natural and genuine. It just like a race, the athletes put their hands up like they’ve already won, embrace how silly this exercise is and just try to smile more often.
The sixth tip is to join an organization.

The beginning of each semester is a great time for clubs and organization to recruit new members, are you going to be one of those members, joining a club can be a great way of meeting new people with similar interest, and depending on the size of your college, you can be able to find a club that has just about anything, you love Maths? Starwars? Painting? Or are you just hungry and want some free meal, am not really kidding they are a lot of clubs, that can take students out on different restaurant a month for a cultural experience and just a free meal. I once attended an engineering freebie club, just for the pizza, the pizza was the incentive, but it turned out to be pretty cool, although these are a great way, you shouldn’t be forced to join a Greek club just if you’re uncomfortable with the teachings and numbers in the group.

But a general overview is, the more you talk to people on opportunities on campus, the more likely you will find an organization that matches your interest and makes you more comfortable.

Tip number seven is to find or start a study group.
What’s the point of college again? Yea, to get a degree, learn a lot and to make connections, college is a balance between a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. Even if it means, organizing a seminar for one of your group in class, that way you can blend this two things together, a study group doesn’t have to be more than a group chat on facebook, or social media app, but it can help your classmates learn your name and reach out to you through the semester.

I can definitely vouch that the chemistry grade I had back then would have been way better if I had joined the study sessions that my class offered.

Now the last tip I have for you guys, is to just be yourself.
You need to be patient, the first few days of college are really awkward and nerve racking for everyone involved, not everyone you meet is going to be your best friend, and the people you meet are the people you least expect could be the most positive impact on your college experience, so definitely, don’t compromise your morals or your standards, just so that you’ll get included in the first few days of your college activities, be yourself, be genuine and let your true personality shine through.

College is where a lot of people find themselves and before you know it, you’ll attract the right people who will have your back for the next four years or up to eight or twelve if that’s how long you’re going to go to school. College can be the best time in your life and having friends really helps.

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