My Boss.

episode two

Kamaia stared at the employment letter in her hands smiling , she ran her hands over the letter and sighed happily
“Finally , after a long time of being jobless , I have a job , I’ll fufill my responsibility as an elder sister to Ciara , I’ll make sure we don’t seem weak to mum” she said , preparing to resume the next day fully , she tucked herself in bed and slept off.
Kamaia kicked off her blanket and jerked up as her alarm began to ring , she ran her long slender fingers in her hair and yawned ,
“Aish……I can’t believe it’s morning ” then she got up and sluggishly headed towards the bathroom , she brushed her teeth and showered , putting on a cute fushia dress, she locked her door and stepped out ,
“Kamaia dear ….is that you” Kamaia turned and saw Mrs Smith the building onwer coming towards her , she smiled and walked up to her
“Mrs Smith…. you’re up early , any problem?” She asked , Mrs Smith shook her head then nodded towards her apartment
” A new tenant is moving into the apartment next to yours , so I was thinking of telling you so you won’t be surprised when you come home ” Kamaia nodded
“Alright , I gotta go , I’ll be late for work if I don’t leave now” then she turned and walked away. Kamaia had an easy time getting a taxi and reaching her work place , immediately she stepped into her mini office , her intercom rang
“Kamaia Williams , report to my office this instance ” her boss voice rang over the intercom , Kamaia groaned then dropped her bag on her desk and half ran to his office , he was facing the window and backing the door when Kamaia came in ,
“Sit ” he said without turning , Kamaia gingerly pushed back a chair and sat down , her boss turned and faced her then walked to his seat and sat down facing her with a deep frown
‘how can a man this good looking always frown ‘ Kamaia thought,
“Kamaia Williams…..welcome to S&C , I’m Gerald Wellington , the managing director of S&C , I guess you must have seen the rules and regulations of our company on your letter , so we pray you abide by them in other to make this a good working environment , you would collect new information for our magazine and submit them before the meetings on Thursday and Monday , you must not come into my office except you were summoned , if you have any questions , meet Stacy , my secretary……you may leave ” then he flipped open his laptop and started working , Kamaia nodded slowly then got up and slowly left the office , immediately she left , she turned and stared at the door then frowned ,
” You must feel like hitting the M.D on his head , right?” Kamaia jumped then turned and saw a lady about her age smiling at her
” Don’t let Mr Gerald get to you , he’s always mean…….. I’m Jade Wilson , we’re going to be sharing the office ” she said , extending her hands , Kamaia took her hands and shook it
“I’m Kamaia Williams ” she said
“Welcome to S&C Kamaia” Jade said and led the way downstairs.
After the day’s work were over , Kamaia headed home feeling exhausted and tired , she had no idea why her new boss was mean to everyone , as she got into the elevator of her building and pressed 3rd floor which was the floor she lived in , Kamaia removed the heels she wore and held them , since she was the only one living on the 3rd floor , apart from the new neighbor that is moving in toady , no one would see her walking barefoot , the elevator reached and she walked out , as she was about putting in the passcode to her apartment , Mrs Smith arrived ,
“Kamaia ….the new tenant is here , he’s a young but wealthy bachelor named…….um…..what’s that his name again……” Mrs Smith scratched her head think , when the new tenant opened his door and came out , Kamaia dropped her heels in shock as she stared
” Oh his name is Gerald….. Gerald Wellington , the M.D at S&C ” then she turned ” oh he’s even behind me , come on Mr Gerald say hello to your new neighbor Miss Kamaia , Kamaia dear this is Mr Gerald ” Kamaia stared at the face of her boss
“Oh no” she said .

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