I have spent a couple of years studying the lives of majority of the charismatic individual and I’ ve noticed that there are just five charismatic types of individual, all the charismatic individuals you know, from McGregor, to Winfrey, and many more, each of them possesses on out of this five charismatic types. So in this article, am going to show you the types and traits that are basically guaranteed towards becoming charismatic and I’ll also share with you some of their pitfalls associated with each, so I said they are basically guaranteed with each, rather than been charismatic you just end up been obnoxious. So dear readers without further ado, let’s get digging.
The first type of charismatic individuals are the ones I call the authentic type, obviously for this person, honesty, been real, is a very integral part of this person’s life, what makes this type of people interesting is that; if you’re hanging out with an authentic type, not every single moment is getting better and better and making you to like them, there’s often this dip, where you start a conflict and you’ll be forced to sweep it under the rug, or they go off on their own with this odd sense of humor that you don’t understand. But the reason that we like this person Is not because every moment is wonderful, but is because we learn to trust and respect their integrity, we know what they are saying is what they believe in, they are not trying to get us to like them, they are not manipulating us, they are just been real, and that create a tremendous amount of desire to spend time with them, because there is this fundamental sound of trust that usually isn’t there, now the pitfall that can make you fall into type, is that if you’re just authentic and throw everything else out, you’re just basically yelling at people, or you’re just talking about things that you care about that nobody else does.

So the best way to handle this Is to have authenticity plus social graces, that’s the way you can handle conflict that is both honest and tactful.
Now having learned about the first type, it’s nice to go to the second which Is the Self assured type,
The main characteristics of this type of people is that they are high in conviction, and there’s no better person to give this example than Conner McGregor, when Conner was up and coming before he was reining in the UFC, he had this massive groundswell of conviction, although he was a flashy fighter, I think a large part was In the way he talked. He Was so certain that things were going to the way he said they were they called him the mystic man for a long time until reality seem to have caught up with him, but the conviction was there nevertheless, this type of people tends to look you in the eye and just kind of shake your belief, because they are so certain of what they are saying, and they also tend to be big on visualization, you look at Arnold and Conner, they will spend hours a day rehearsing things in their head that they become certain it’s going to go their way. These types of people lead large organization.
The pitfall however for this type of people is that they can sometimes miss opportunity for growth, they can overlook weakness because they are so certain their path is the right one, and as leaders sometimes they can be bullies, you think of Steve jobs, who has an incredibly high conviction but the people who work with him would say he had a bit of a temper, and that was something he was able to recognize, and that’s a massive pitfall for this type.
The third type is almost diametrically opposed to the high convicti0n, it is the empathetic type, this is the person who values connection more than anything, a very good example of this kind of person is Oprah Winfrey, she gets it at the big scale, she gets it at the small scale, she’s able to go out and connect with large group of people, she’s able to do things that bring large group of social networks, together, and make them want to be part of something bigger. Another typical example is Elon musk, although most people probably don’t like the way he speaks but he has that ability to connect people with that something inside of them with that desire to travel out of space. To see the universe, to expand the horizon of humanity, and we’re connected in that way to our childhood dreams.

But in the one on one scenario, if you look at Oprah, she’s able to sit down and not just connect with an individual, not just hold eye contact, and invite people to speak, but she’s able to connect them with part’s of themselves they might not have shared with anyone, and that makes us to feel almost whole when you’re around that type of person, they tend not to be too judgmental, they tend not to speak more unlike the other types, they may be introverted sometimes and they are more likely to ask questions and listen, than to just tell you a story.
Now the pitfall, for this type is that it’s can be very easy to overlook them, if they don’t have any of the other types going along with it. Although oprah has the fourth type but you can imagine someone who is quiet and not part of your group setting, yes, they are not probably going to get noticed. So you need to add to this, to really make it work at scale.
Now that takes us to the fourth type, which if it is combined with the empathetic can go a long way, that is the energetic type and the energetic type is huge on enthusiasm, have you ever encountered the scenario where someone walks into a room and they are so positive, so energetic, you can feel that aura, all around the person, this vibe that if you’re not careful, you might get infected with it also.
These people are so optimistic, they are even louder than other people, in terms of body language, and they raise the enjoyment level of the entire room, just by been there. When you think of these type of people, you think of someone who breaks, social convections sometimes without even realizing it.
In a room, every one are shaking hand and saying “good to see you” the energetic type comes in an instead of shaking hands,, gives everyone a hug. Pretty soon all eyes are on him, some people will be a little bit curious, but even sooner after that people start following along and the entire room start’s to enjoy it more. A very good reason why, we like these people is because, they make us feel good. They make us feel more positive, optimistic and it is infectious if you just share it
The pitfall here is that sometimes kind of people may lack depth, which is why it pairs well, with the connected type, if you have both of these you’re good to go.
Now he final thing, it’s different from this, though it may sound the same at first, but it is the funny type, these type of people charisma are based on a sense of humour, to go back to that energetic type, these are just people who make others smile and laugh based on their positivity,but the funny type can go both ways, they can have cost sense of humour, they can be sarcastic, they can tell harsh truth in a way that’s going to make you laugh, and obviously this one is the most self explanatory, because we want to spend time with this person, because they make us laugh, the interesting thing about this person is that their sometimes though not all the times introverted, But at the same time they have this strong need to perform because nothing feels better to them than to make other people to laugh. So basically they are this introvert that are out on stage that wants other people to feel good.
And the pitfall here is that you’ll think of a lot of comedians who fall under this they don’t always do a very good job at making themselves feel good. So they have this inner emptiness, similarly that can come out in ways that is caustic, tell jokes that make other people laugh but are really harsh on some individuals, so they go about alienating a portion of their friend group until there is not any other many people left. So this is something you’ll have to consider if you think that you’re that funny type.
So the goal of this, is not to tell you that you need to be one or the other, you can truthfully have four, five , all of these. But is to tell you that you’re probably going to focus on one, find the type that best suits you and matches your character, because everyone have their own unique style and sense of charisma.

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