Some women who turned out to be great today went through a lot I won’t mention names it’s not easy bi know but will you just sit there and wait for the same injustice to happen to another girl or are you going to say enough is enough because a the end of the day you are the only one that can detect what will happen in your life though you where incorporated into a life you never wanted one thing is for sure that you are the highest shareholder no one can make any change without your approval, no one expect you can detect what will happen expect you so why sit and carry when the future of that cooperation which is your future depends on you. You will never know how strong you are until been strong is the only option you have but bear one thing in mind no one ever said it was going to be easy so just get ready because they will try to make you feel bad, they try to make you hate what you stand for, they will try to break you but you owe they just one thing that is your success and it will come with a very high price I know your able and capable so don’t sit there and carry show them what you’ve got show them what you are really made off.

I heard a story of a girl who was reaped by a very influential man she couldn’t speak up not for the fear of been killed but the fear of been seen as a bad child but the day she spoke out her worst fear came through her people who she thought would fight for her to get justice were the same people who concealed the truth from the man’s wife and children they didn’t even think of the psychological trauma that poor girl was going through all they cared about was to keep a long time family friendship. Because of that reaction that is why some reap victims don’t speak out forget the fact that they are encouraged to speak just 5% out of 100 can actually fight for girl right but that shouldn’t stop you from voicing out what you have been through because you never know whom your story or experience could help the society cares about a perfect world they have created in their mind must with your strong will you can help right the wrongs that have been done against the girl child remember you cannot change what has happen but you can prevent the repetition of the same thing. Do not be angry that nobody helped during you time of need life is sometimes unfair try to change the society in your own little way you will see that bit by bit we will surely get there always remember that you are as beautiful as diamonds don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Coming back to the story of the girl who was reaped twenty years later she returned to that area but before she returned she had promised herself that no matter what she will became a very influential being as well and she did she was able to match them in very way they were the ones seeking for her attention why because she was one of them the man couldn’t believe his eyes when the son brought her home as the woman he intended to spend the rest of his life with he tried then to apologize because he didn’t want to disappoint his son but he had the guts to disappoint the society even though she didn’t get justice while she was alive but she did in her death because she died of cancer then the man came out to confess still in her death people complained and asked why she didn’t speak out but she did and they didn’t listen so dear girl child don’t sit and wait for the society to help you help yourself and make sure the girl next to you to experience such keep faith, hope, strength and courage alive because will all have failed you they will never fail you . always bear at the back of your mind that whatever you are going through now some people have survived it while some died in it, it’s your choice if you want to survive and make a difference or die and your story added to the history of those who died out of the pain think about it the choice is yours I wish to drop my pen here.

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